A Filipino boy who has a chronic disease that his entrails comes out from inside of the body since he was born. He even has a dyschezia which has disability of defecation so has been reckon on an artificial anus to have defection normally. He has to remove the entrails which comes out but cannot even try because of the poverty.

However, Green Doctor, an international relief organization, helps him to have a operation in Busan, South Korea. He has small high and weight compare to his age, but the operation was successful and now he is on the road to recovery.

“I’m comfortable now. Thank you God, I want to be health from now on.” He said. His entrails which come out have been already removed. The doctor is now waiting for the result of the rectum biopsy to remove an artificial anus or not.

“Thank you for every medical personnel who has exert themselves for my son.” His father Eliseto said.

The Filipino boy, who has been afflicted with inborn disease, now can find new life and hope.