ANGELES CITY – Subscribers of internet service provider, Converge ICT Solutions, shared their sentiments of poor service on social media that started out since  Monday which called the attention of the company owner, Dennis Uy.

Eyds Carreon, subscriber, started the thread after posting a series of facebook posts regarding the company’s poor connection service.

Carreon’s facebook posts received a lot of support from other subscribers who are experiencing the same situation.

Dennis Uy personally reached Carreon through phone call to compensate the current issue.

“I have just concluded a phone meeting with Mr. Dennis Uy, owner of Converge ICT Solutions and met with the following solutions to achieve the first step in our goals”

Subscribers who currently experience the same problem can unsubscribe from Converge without being charged and properly addressed in 36 hours or less according to Uy’s phone conversation with Carreon.

Carreon continues to post on facebook regarding the latest update on negotiations with Converge.